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About us

We have been in the field of international exhibition for over 15 years. We are a manufacturing company that takes care to thoroughly design projects exactly to your specifications.

Because we care about results, we can go one step further and organise your entire presence at the exhibition or trade fair. Our emphasis is on ensuring that our work promotes your reputation and thus increases the prestige of your company.

Precision manufacturers with worldwide experience

Behind Expo.ArtenLux is Lucie Strechová and her team of professionals. In addition to providing exhibition stands and events, we focus on interior design under the ArtenLux brand. We make sure that the quality of the workmanship is always first class depending on the purpose of the project.

We work with designers, architects or agencies without in-house production and also with direct end clients. We pride ourselves on teamwork, direct two-way communication and mutual trust with our clients.

We work globally. Wherever a client needs to go to exhibit, we go with them. Whether it’s Europe, Latin America or Arab countries.

You can have a restful sleep before the fair

I am the owner, managing director and also the company’s PR and project manager. All projects follow me in the initial and final stages. Initial discussions about your project, refining details and consultations are completed with me.

And it is me again who will take care of your project and lead it to a successful finale. I will organize everything around the whole event.

I need something to happen around me all the time. I wake up with Asians, I’m with Europeans during the day, and I go to bed with Americans at night.
Organisation, multitasking and efficient time management come naturally to me, and it doesn’t matter if I’m helping you with an exhibition on the other side of the world or an interior in Prague.

I follow the password:

“Anything can be organized, you just have to say it.”

Lucie Strechová

Other team members

Jiří Slavíček

Production Director

Jiri is our production director and he is the man in the right place. His goal is always to do a job well done and to do it well, and he can be proud of that.

They are not afraid to combine different types of materials, they can help you with the drawing of the design proposal and with its structural processing so that you are extremely satisfied with the result of the interior and you are comfortable in it. Its strengths are versatility, accuracy, reliability and precision! He enjoys his work and takes every project responsibly.

Jiří Slavíček - Ředitel výroby ArtenLux
Tým ArtenLux na výstavní expozici

Jiří Merel

Workshop Manager

Jiří is our workshop manager, a joiner and a professional in his field. He has been in it for more than 20 years and it is always evident in the quality of the results that he still enjoys his work after so many years.

He is responsible, has an eye for detail and an appreciation for natural materials combined into a modern style.

He designs, manufactures and delivers meticulously crafted furniture exactly to your specifications.

“We appreciate every client and every single project, regardless of whether it is a minimalist showroom or a whole luxury exhibition. We stick to that and treat our clients accordingly.”

We keep up with the times and follow trends

In the company we take care of continuous education in the field and mapping of new trends, which we immediately incorporate into the production process.

This way we are able to offer you the latest innovations. The guys on the shop floor are carpenters, top professionals within their craft, and are perfect at interior design and exhibition stands.

We focus on the highest possible quality of workmanship, so you will be pleased to know that you can take selected counters or display cabinets into your showrooms and use them after the show is over.

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